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Saturday, 28 February 2009

HoNgKoNg PiXieS

Hey peeps... some pixies from our honeymoon trip - Hong Kong

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

ToUcH mY bOdy

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hey peeps.. hai hai hai hai and hai... its been a while since we check-in this webbie.. been busy with other stuffs.. errm and also lazy mazy hehehe... i think the reason is more inclined to the latter than the former keke *wink*

anyhoo... where shud i start? too many things to update here but i guess i'll juz jumble it all up here and there keke.. firstly... (which is way way way overdue) me & missy wifey would like to convey our sincere and utmost appreciation to the families, relatives and friends for their contribution during our wedding... you guys are the best!

u guyz must be wondering if ur pixies are in our photo album... he he he and to answer that we've not received our album yet.. currently its still in progress and yes that also apply to the videogs. it shud be out soon tho, at least as i've been told..

workwise.. no comment at d moment.. oh but my certs sudah sampai today.. i shud get that one and send it to personnel asap.
holiday-wise.. we're plannin to go KK in march... i so wanna go snorkeling and parasailing and jetskiing and the boat ride again! but if nada dangan we can juz go shopping and swimming d hotel sja hehe..
home-wise.. still lots of small bits to do.. but sikit2 tu if di kumpulkan jadi banyak tia sampai nda tebuat hehe.. but as she said it b4.. its always nice to have a 'play-house' hehe..

to end my post, i would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to you once again for the extra mile that you make on producing/editing all the photogs during my wedding.. keep up ur good work on producing dat exravagant breathtaking pixies.. and i think u shud join d mr brown coffee pixies competition for fun hehe.. who knows u mite win sumthin..

p/s: loved every bits of this video clip!

courtesy of

will try to upload sum pixies soon durin our honeymoon to HK. till then see u around peeps..

p/p/s: sorry for the erroneous grammatical post..

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

~E1314~ this space...~