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Friday, 21 August 2009

Happy Ramadhan to all..... Selamat Berpuasa

Both of us would like to wish all muslims especially our family and friends "happy fasting and selamat bertarawikh"... semoga pahala ditambah di bulan ramadhan.. amin...

p/s: a shout to my dearest cuzin, Nani, Happy 27th birthday on 21.08.2009.. semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, di banyakkkan anak dan bahagia hingga akhir hayat.. amin..

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Long delayed update

Hai everyone...

Its been ages since the update rite??.. hehehe.. maklumlah sibuk saja... entah apa kah sibuk nya pulang... maybe there's nuthing new jua to update...

Anyway... wat have u been missing then? My big brother & wife has a baby boy named Darwish.. he's almost 5months old now.. and very the chubby. My dear cousin, Nani & hubby has a baby girl called Nadia... she's turning out to be quite a model.. Congratulations to you guys on the birth of the little ones... makin bertambah cicit Hjh Siti Awan... alhamdulillah.

Oh yea.. I also celebrated my 2*th birthday last June (sorry.. cant mention the *age* salnya im still in denial about it ;p)....and mr hubby n me went to KL to celebrate it. It was our 2nd honeymoon, we had great and fun times at Sunway lagoon, playing the slides... siukkkk... felt like kids again...

So for my birthday, mr hubby asked me wat i want for my birthday present and i half-jokingly said i want a baby... well u see... we both agreed when we got married that we gonna postponed having kids dulu for atleast a year coz we wanna enjoy just being with each other and i was planning to take a big exam later this year... so.. i was actually surprised when mr hubby said OK!... yeay!!

To cut the story short and spare u guys the details ;p....We got back from KL and i had fever and cold few days after that, got qaurantined for 24hrs in Rimba for that.. but alhamdulillah it was not H1N1 virus!.. it was the longest 24 hrs in my life....i was so bored, alone in a small room, with basically nuthing but my runny nose, tissue and mobile phone... and i had the cold for almost 3 weeks!!!! it was distressing... Surprise, surprise...i missed my period then, so i brought mr hubby to Guardian and buy the PT... i didnt test it straight away coz i was nervous... mr hubby ckp its ok.. we'll wait.. so i waited... for like less than 24hrs.... the next day, while he was still sleeping, i slipped downstairs and did it!... i woke him up with a big smile on my face and a stick on my hand... he knew straight away... we both were overjoyed.... and YEAY!!!!!!...

So here goes the update to the blog.. we are expecting...!!Alhamdulillah... I am officially 12 weeks today.. and we called the 'fetus' as lil baby... We had 2 antenatal sessions already.. and guess wat...?...working under the ministy does have it privileges.... My colleagues at the antenatal clinic were so kind and did ultrasounds for us...

Here is the lil baby when it was only 7 weeks.. it was only 10mm long but already with a beating heart... i was sooooooooooooooo amazed by Allah's power at creating a life.. i kept saying it over n over again to mr hubby n myself at how amazing this tiny little thing with a heart already beating inside.... i know i had tears in my eyes then...

We had another session again yesterday... lil baby has grown a bit bigger (apparently by 3months it will be about 3 inches long)... the head and body are already identifiable.. if u look closely, u can see the legs..... we were thrilled to see its hands n legs moving about!!!! I was pretty sure the lil baby was waving at us through the screen.. hehe..... and guess who got really excited this time?.... c emilo lah.... he said lil baby was kicking.. and so he or she will be good at football in the future... haha

I am happy n excited that i am pregnant.. but im having 'baus' since week 9... everything taste bitter at the present... and so now i understand when people says 'pait liur' or 'kambang liur'. I lost 2kg since my first antenatal session.. the antenatal dr said it is normal during the 1st trimester when the morning sickness happens... (not morning for me.. coz i tend to have it late in the afternoon n during the evening.. nya nurses.. 'baus mlm'...).. so i am not so worried about the weight... i just pray this baus period will be over soon so that i can get sumore nutrients for the lil baby... mr hubby has been very helpful and supportive... and understands when sekali sekala i get stress all of a sudden without any good reasons kekekekeke.. :)

Well... thats it for the update as for now.... til the next ultrasound or news... doa kan lil baby sentiasa sehat and selamat hingga cukup bulan.... and doa kan emil and ebeh jadi daddy n mummy in the near future.... amin!...... many thanks to all the well wishers.... :)

By the way, Congratulations to EjahKaka n Azmi on their nikah and wedding soon... Semoga akan bahagia bersama anak, cucu, cicit hingga ke akhir hayat.. Amin

Saturday, 28 February 2009

HoNgKoNg PiXieS

Hey peeps... some pixies from our honeymoon trip - Hong Kong

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

ToUcH mY bOdy

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hey peeps.. hai hai hai hai and hai... its been a while since we check-in this webbie.. been busy with other stuffs.. errm and also lazy mazy hehehe... i think the reason is more inclined to the latter than the former keke *wink*

anyhoo... where shud i start? too many things to update here but i guess i'll juz jumble it all up here and there keke.. firstly... (which is way way way overdue) me & missy wifey would like to convey our sincere and utmost appreciation to the families, relatives and friends for their contribution during our wedding... you guys are the best!

u guyz must be wondering if ur pixies are in our photo album... he he he and to answer that we've not received our album yet.. currently its still in progress and yes that also apply to the videogs. it shud be out soon tho, at least as i've been told..

workwise.. no comment at d moment.. oh but my certs sudah sampai today.. i shud get that one and send it to personnel asap.
holiday-wise.. we're plannin to go KK in march... i so wanna go snorkeling and parasailing and jetskiing and the boat ride again! but if nada dangan we can juz go shopping and swimming d hotel sja hehe..
home-wise.. still lots of small bits to do.. but sikit2 tu if di kumpulkan jadi banyak tia sampai nda tebuat hehe.. but as she said it b4.. its always nice to have a 'play-house' hehe..

to end my post, i would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to you once again for the extra mile that you make on producing/editing all the photogs during my wedding.. keep up ur good work on producing dat exravagant breathtaking pixies.. and i think u shud join d mr brown coffee pixies competition for fun hehe.. who knows u mite win sumthin..

p/s: loved every bits of this video clip!

courtesy of

will try to upload sum pixies soon durin our honeymoon to HK. till then see u around peeps..

p/p/s: sorry for the erroneous grammatical post..

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

~E1314~ this space...~