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Monday, 15 December 2008

Nikah's PiXies

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The photos are up... click here to view pixies..

Thursday, 11 December 2008

The NIKAH day

Alhamdulillah our Solemnisation on last FRIDAY (5th DECEMBER 2008) went smoothly. I was feeling nervous for the past 2 weeks.. i think because of the stresses of the wedding preparations....but thankfully i was calm on the day itself... hehe.. i think sal naleh kali dah kabak2 & stress saja.. hehe

Mr E14 @ Mr Hubby... (ahaks) did the ijap kabul in one go.. steady eh.. but he almost ran out of breath.. makin damit suara nya ujung2 atu hehe... however di sahkan by the Imam n d witnesses.. so we are now officially Mr & Mrs. Emilo :)

Many thanks to all families n friends who came on that day.. we both really appreciate it n happy to see u guys.

To my beloved cuz, Faith.. thanks for all your help in designing the room and all the hantarans... they were all beautiful... and to Faith's hubby... (hai jai) hehe.. many thanx for letting ur wife spent her times wif me.. hehe.. she was really great!.. oh n the baby too.. kekeke..

To the "hantaran members" that worked hard to finish off everything the night before the Solemnisation- esp to nana, wati, my sis, nunoi, adeey, ejah adik... thank you very much. To my two brothers.. thanks for usai d pelamin n getting d gangsa2

To Wati.. thanks for helping me in every ways... from buying stuffs for the hantarans, checking out invitation cards, printing the guest lists... to finding d

To our families & friends yg terlampau byk utk di sebut nama2nya... u guys know who u are.. thank you for d greetings & prayers for us all this while

To Mr hubby... thank you for your love & supports :D

So i will leave the post with some of d pixes from the Nikah day

Btw... Sanding Day will be on the 21st DECEMBER 2008... do come :)

Monday, 8 December 2008


Hey peeps.. its been a while since my last post huhu.. anyway juz a quickie...

we juz had our dinner at KTM in jerudong. its my first official dinner with the in-laws huhu..

father & mother in laws

bro & sis in laws

mr & mrs emilo

bro in law & the missus

the drinkies

acar as starters


mango fishy

corn soup wif crabby stix

freshy fish

okei that's all folks!