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Friday, 28 November 2008

Prewedding shoots

We had our prewedding shoots earlier this month... it was done at Masamichi Studio.. it took us 4 hrs to finish the shooting... batah kan? awu i know!!!... we were tired by the end of it.. but we really enjoy it and had lots of fun.. it was an exciting experience. Kami perasan sekajap mcm artists.. wawawa... kana make-up kan.. with different hairdo and clothings... siuk kali aaahhh... Many thanks to Wati @ Saren for helping us out during the prewedding shoot, especially getting the Kimono and putting it on me... kekeke... that itself was a challenge!.. Seriously.. wearing Kimono is pretty difficult and need a lot of patience and times... hehehe..

We also had a prewedding shoot outdoor with Mizi.. but the pictures are not ready yet...

For now, here are few of the pictures from the studio...

Btw.. the Nikah day is only a week away... Mr E14 has been practising the ijap kabul part... steady dah ya... hopefully he'll be able to say it as well during the day... haha.. no pressure sayang.... nyway it still hasn't sink in me yet that we're gonna be officially tying the knot... hehehe.. kabak2 rasa nya... anyway.. do pray for us.. hopefully everything will go smoothly and as planned... amin... :D to our families and closest friends... we'll see u at our Nikah day soon.. ahakss... till then... take care :)

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR E14 (20th Nov 2008)

I know its kinda late for ur bday wish in the blog.... been bz doing this n that... including arranging a surprise but 'not so surprise' bday dinner 4 u.. hehehe.. thanx to our frens who celebrated E14's bday wif us....

Here goes another song for u Mr B....,

~happy birthday to u....~
~happy birthday to u....~
~happy birthday to E14..~
~happy birthday to u....~

Happy Bday fiance... Semoga Panjang Umur, Murah Rezeki and Sehat2 Selalu... The 'W day' is coming fairly soon... so b doakan semoga everything will go smoothly.. yg penting is to enjoy the day and semoga kita kekal together hingga akhir hayat.... Amin :D

Love U now & 4eva,
Missy E13

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Arsenal v Man Utd

oh yesh yesh.. this result is d masuk is dalam d webbie huhuhu

Arsenal 2-1 Man Utd!