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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Marseille v Liverpool

Kiev v Arsenal

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Liverpool v Manchester

Arsenal Match #4

Blackburn Rovers 0-4 Arsenal... enjoy!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

England GoALs!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

WeLcOMe bAcK EnGLaNd!

Welcome back England!

They played beautiful football today.. main stangah padang huhuhu.. croatia were beaten 4-1 at their own home soil. Goals courtesy a hattrick (3 goals) from Arsenal teenage Theo Walcott and the other scored by Man Utd striker Wayne Rooney..

We have been waiting for their beautiful football since Sven Goran Eriksson dissapointing campaign, and not to mention McClaren's reign...

They have won twice now... against Andorra and now Croatia.. They now top the group, sharing six points with Ukraine...

Hope their performance continues like this and they can certainly go all the way for the 2010 world cup!

~England till I die~ England till I die~


~Come on England! ~ Come on England!~

LeNd a HeLpiNg HaNd

Lend a HeLpiNg HaNd:-

How wud u feel if you dun have sumthin to eat?

How wud u feel if u cant eat not because you didnt want to but just because you cant afford to...

Can you study/work without breakfast and lunch?

Worst still... can you bear to live without the love of a mother or a father? Someone to teach you and discipline yourself?

I feel sorry and pity for them.. Lend them a helping hand.. give them rice.. biscuits.. nasi katok.. clothes.. a bottle of water... whatever u can.. little things help...

What i'm talkin about? Catch it here and here...

uP 4 a SwiM?

Hey peeps..

Sorry haven't checked-in on the blog for a while. Nada mood to write before.. Anywayz, I went to d city centre (d York ler) a couple of days ago.. nda ku ingat bila and as I was walkin from home to the walkway by the river next to my house I heard a gushing sound "whoossshh" kira catu lah bunyinya... and as I approached the walkway by the river, i saw the flood! wah banjir and the water is the laju and is the mengalir deras..

so aku pun patah balik lalu longway to the city becoz of d flood. Then dah dakat city, lots of ppl was 'sakai' about d flood.. I heard them saying "its one of the worst flood in York history" and also walkin past another guy talkin on d fone sayin "it's juz bizarre".. and dalam hati ku sakai jua eh dorg ani nda pernah liat banjir pakah.. hehe coz its probably jadi kebiasaan dah dangar banjir d Brunei.

Approaching closer to the city I saw this thingy: --- sandbags!

sandbags to hold off the water from gushing to the city

the water level rises so high that it flooded the walkway all the way to the city

I'm actually quite amazed that the sandbags in the sack (sp?) or the guni along with the canvas can block the water. Its acting like a brick wall that prevent the water gushing into the city.. and by now i also join the other crowd and become 'sakai' jua he he he... so i continued my journey to the city, stopping by and takin some pixes to share with u all..

at the pix above, this area are suppose to be goin downhill but now it looks like a flat land coz of d rising water.. as you can see the bottom left corner of the pix, the grey and dry area are where i'm standing taking d pix. thankfully its the autumn season now, otherwise there cud be some sort of mosquitoes breeding or plague.. the mosquitoes didnt haf a winter jacket so they cant survive the cold river huhu..

then i saw the crowd at the bridge... towards the end on the left...
I joined in the crowd and took some pixes...

on the left is the ruler that shows the water rises around 9 feet or 9 metres i'm not sure.. but its definitely deep
and the frame that u see on the right which is mostly submerged, is a huge picture frame on the wall.. i wonder how it'll look like after the flood subsided ...

city submerged under water.. most of the shop here are those selling alcohols by the river and on the top left is a restauran the slug and lettuce

this is an underground basement parking submerged underwater.. i went down and swim while taking the photos...

and this is a photo of a porsche yg kana tarik dari paking basement tadi..

on the windshield of the porsche it says "Just Removed From Merchant Exchange (Flood); Will be Removed This Evening. Thanks"

and there were also public houses or rather apartments inaccessible by road.. u can see a (rescue?) van at the far end of the pix below...

and that includes the hotel entrance as well hehe...

some short videos can be found below... anyone up for a swim?

well... that's my adventure once upon a time in the York city centre... what's your adventure?

Saturday, 6 September 2008

cOoL daNceRs

Friday, 5 September 2008

oNe TuFF dAy..

Hey peeps..

How was ur fasting so far? For me so far so good... except for today... down with a cold and was sneezing all day since I woke up.. I cant eat d medicine to soothe my cold as I'm fasting... but its okey... nda apa cubaan dari-Nya. "Cukupkah iman seseorang tanpa di cuba atau di duga?" Sedangkan Nabi S.A.W lagi penuh dengan cubaan yg dahsyat sehingga ada yang ingin membunuh baginda. Apatah lagi dugaan sekecil ani... Well, come to think of it kan... even everything yg ketani buat like blajar ketani kana test n kana exam sejauh mana kemampuan dan pengetahuan yg ketani perolehi.. cematu jua lah iman tani tyme puasa.. mesti jua ada certain 'test' that we must pass.. nda ja?

Well d weather is juz one part of the reason why i'm down with a cold today and yeah autumn is definitely here as well.. Temperature fall as low as 10degrees... Juz a few mins ago, i went down to my kitchen and 'smoke' came out of my mouth when i breathe.. I need to close all the windows and start using those heaters again...

Ironically, my nose kurang sudah selesmanya as soon as ku berbuka tadi.. alhamdulilah.. but i decided to eat panadol as well to help quicken my recovery.. so to d fiancee dun worry nemore.. i'm feelin much much better now ;)

Time flies isn't it? its already the fifth day of puasa in Uk and another 24days utk melihat anak bulan syawal.. and oh to answer his question... what we have for sungkai here depends on our 'mood' to cook or 'mood' to walk and buy sum food in d city hehe.. for me.. i mix a bit for my sungkai..
sometimes i cook chicken, sometimes frozen fish, sometimes if malas masak i'll go out to buy at dixy chicken, sometimes i juz put d marinated chix on d oven... well its a bit of mix actually... depending on d mood hehe.. today i had marinated oven-cooked chicken, steamed rice and veggies for sungkai.. and yeah i missed eating at McD thanks to Wafi haha.. Bah bektah ko lanja aku McD nanti fi... nyehahaha..

Well thats all for now... i bid u all good day/nite peeps..

NaRuTo 074

Naruto ep. 074 is now available online.. you can watch it by clicking here

Thursday, 4 September 2008

HaTe aRt? LoVe ART

Hey peeps..

I'm gonna share with you a group of people doing performance art.. They cause a scene of chaos and joy in public places. They attract public attention to enlighten them and not to cause a disturbance. They are based in New York City and known as "Improv Everywhere"

Below is one of their act they performed with their undercover agents. If ku nda silap, their agents are volunteers and is most of time dalam 70 people during one single act.

In the video shared below... dorang punya 'Bos' ani tejumpa shopping mall with bnyk windows. So he decided to perform a dance using the volunteers on each window.

empty window space

The mall ani is infront of a park which can easily attract public attention. So before dorang ambil position masing2, dorang kumpul sumwhere b4 atu and practice skajap tapok tapok spaya public sama owner shopping atu nda tau dorg kan perform arah window dorang.
The 'Bos' bagi signal pakai tangan. Setiap kali ya pigang trash can represent each move they should make.

instructions utk performer

position masing-masing

View dari dalam bangunan

Basically lapas dorg practice, dorg masuk n ambil tempat dorg masing2 and start their performance. Awal2 ada masalah sikit sal ada yang kana halau dari kadai atu... tapi yg lain nda kana detect and so menari2 tah dorg dapan window shopping atu.. attracting people d luar yg hairan tapi enjoying dorang punya performance. Ada dat one time, performer #51 buat solo dance while yg lain tunjuk arahnya, then another performer buat another solo dance while dorg yg lain point arahnya.. coolness...

performers in position

Basically you need large number of volunteers, great coordination, sporting volunteers, crew cameras and a great leader. Well... atu sja lah kiranya summary ku.. for more details click here.


Impressive act by Improv Everywhere and can be found at

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

FooTiE's InterView

Some short clip of Man Utd and Man City's latest high profiles interview... Oh btw Robinho can't speak English yet huhu.. he talks using his football talent on the pitch..

Robinhon & Mark Hughes


Tuesday, 2 September 2008

ShiRTs & SLeEves

Hey peeps..

guess what i did today? i went for box hunting in the city.. box hunting simply means hunting for boxes keke.. so i went around d city looking for boxes while at the same time do a lil bit of shopping.. i bought a pair of formal shirt utk pakai kaja nanti. I like shopping for baju kaja here coz they have varieties of choices.. u have the short sleeve, the long sleeve, the thick stripe ones, the thin stripes.. the stripes with lots of gaps, and those with few gaps in between, then u have the different colours and of course the different qualities. Some are even cheap.. u can find d cheapest at 10pounds for 3 pairs of shirt at M&S but of course these will be the plain ones compared to the others.. after choosing one that i liked, i bought it and then went to NeXt. I like one of their shirt here and have been wanting to buy them since summer but was waitin for d right time to buy it. To my dismay, my size was out of stock :( humm... nanti tah hunting d london b4 i go back nanti..

While walking along in d city, my eyes are searching for dat brown square thingy called a box. saw one in front of the shop but it looked ruined and hancur... walk and walk and walk and as i was passing dis shop there's a couple more boxes at d front of it.. i went closer to it and eksen2 kuarkan mobile next to it as if i'm texting sumone. but actuallynya i was looking if d box is in good condition or not.. bagi malu kali ah chek2 box dapan kadai so paksa tah blakon... karang kana ucap ambil boxes utk pakai lapik tido krg...
so back to d box, kalinya nampak bisai and seems to be in good condition plus d size looks quite right for shipping items.. so i went inside d shop M**** Outdoor Store and asked d staffs if they are throwin d boxes away.. i requested to take them home instead and they dont mind saying "sure! help yourself with it"

one of the boxes

so i choose the good ones and took two boxes... tapi oleh kerana aku takut nda baik boxes atu after di assemble semula d rumah, i took three boxes and went back home.. so d rumah i re-assemble d boxes and with a little modification and peels out their company's lable.. walaaaaa' my boxes are ready to be used.. see the tape at d box above? that's the only 'defects' on the box.. i can simply re-cellotape using duck tape on top of it... sayang eh dorg kan buang so bektah ku recycle... alhamdulilah rezki hehe.. i dun mind buying new boxes.. but juz to buy 2 0r 3 boxes probably only cost around 5pounds.. but delivery charges yg mahal... 9.99 per delivery... :S

i booked my flite ticket thru BSU in London and called them tadi... my ticket is confirmed.. my flight will be on the **** **** 2008 and oh PuL, tiket mu pun confirm dah... aku tanya tadi tarus hehehe so we'll be at the same flight.. nanti tah uruskan seat sama2 ah.. boring kali ah duduk sebalah org putih... kdg2 dorg tu nda branti cakap.. krg sampai balik brunei nda branti cakapnya.. payah tido huhuhu... at least we can seat next to each other... hehe :D

i'm still waitin for my thesis to be totally over...

okei thats all from me folks... selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa!

Footie ThiS WeEk

Chelsea 1-1 Tottenham

Liverpool 0-0 Aston Villa

FiRsT DaY oF Pu@Sa

Hey peeps...

How's ur first day of posa today? Hope it goes well today.. and to those in Brunei... Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa di hari pertama bulan Ramadan... My puasa on d first day today went well..alhamdulilah... got a slight headache in d mid afternoon but nuthin major.. its probably coz i dun haf enuff sleep anyway..
i went to stayover for the night at my cuzn's place in newcastle. I went there to grab my footie stuffs and to kirimkan barang balik ke Bru hehe thanx cuz... get to catch up wif my cuzn as well.. so there u go.. my first day of sahur and sungkai - spent in newcastle.. we also went to the city and metro centre in d afternoon... luckily its a bit chilly and cooler today which makes d puasa easier :)

owh anyone read d news today? ROBINHO is goin to MANCHESTER CITY.. wow! didnt expect that to happened... its gonna be interesting now to watch manchester city.. now we have more teams in attacking mode.. premiership juz got better and better... hope he settle's down easily in manch city..

Its 12.34 am rite now and i'm struggling to make myself awake so that i dun have to wake up for sahur anymore.. another 2-3hrs to go... i can get my sahur now coz i'm still full from my sungkai at 8pm (4hrs ago)... waitin if my e13 is comin online but she's probably in wonderland sleeping rite now hehe coz in brunei baru jua abis sahur...

well then, that's all from me at the moment... to all those yg berpuasa dun 4get to refrain (sp?) from all d bad habits and bad manners k? assalamualaikum :)

Monday, 1 September 2008

you look wonderful tonight....

Dedicated to you for being there for me all these years ;) cant wait to see you soon...

It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear.

She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair.
And then she asks me, "Do I look all right?"
And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight."

We go to a party and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady that's walking around with me.
And then she asks me, "Do you feel all right?"
And I say, "Yes, I feel wonderful tonight."

I feel wonderful because I see
The love light in your eyes.
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize how much I love you.

It's time to go home now and I've got an aching head,
So I give her the car keys and she helps me to bed.
And then I tell her, as I turn out the light,
I say, "My darling, you were wonderful tonight.
Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight."