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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

iT's JuLy aLReAdy?

hey peeps.. how's everyone doin? well, it's already July and I need to work on my thesis but first I need to finish my strategic planning essay due end of dis month. This morning, I received a letter in d mailbox and when I opened it.... tadaaaa....

there's two ticket, one for myself and the other for my friend. He'll be supporting Arsenal *hehe* rite? I'll make sure he becomes an arsenal fan after d match haha... and my cousin will be coming too.. she said she has some problems with her ticket and i hope its already sorted out...

seating plang and emirates stadium map

our ticket, details censored for security purposes hehe

I never thought i wud have the chance to watch arsenal match in emirates. I had been to the old highbury stadium. Emirates stadium was juz completed back then in 2006 and i only managed to tour around d stadium from d outside and d superstore. Now, thanks to him for d recommendation and info, i'll be able to watch arsenal matches in both stadium! yeay cant wait! the mini cup tournament will be in august.

Anyway, Hancock is out today.. Movie starring will smith the bad super-hero hehe... i hope to catch d movie dis weekend.. I think its gonna be another great will smith movie. hope its not like iam legend... nda brapa siuk dat movie punya storyline.

and i need to claim a refund as well on one of d food shop dis weekend..

till then haf a gr8 time peeps and welcome back home to d fiancee :)) glad u had a great time there minus dat hassle with d awful,horrendous travel agency.

tags: Sach: haha ukan nda mau.. balum tiba masanya hahaha..
SM: i'll try to write when i haf some 'extra' time hehe ;) miss the daily football matches tho..