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Monday, 15 December 2008

Nikah's PiXies

image courtesy of

The photos are up... click here to view pixies..

Thursday, 11 December 2008

The NIKAH day

Alhamdulillah our Solemnisation on last FRIDAY (5th DECEMBER 2008) went smoothly. I was feeling nervous for the past 2 weeks.. i think because of the stresses of the wedding preparations....but thankfully i was calm on the day itself... hehe.. i think sal naleh kali dah kabak2 & stress saja.. hehe

Mr E14 @ Mr Hubby... (ahaks) did the ijap kabul in one go.. steady eh.. but he almost ran out of breath.. makin damit suara nya ujung2 atu hehe... however di sahkan by the Imam n d witnesses.. so we are now officially Mr & Mrs. Emilo :)

Many thanks to all families n friends who came on that day.. we both really appreciate it n happy to see u guys.

To my beloved cuz, Faith.. thanks for all your help in designing the room and all the hantarans... they were all beautiful... and to Faith's hubby... (hai jai) hehe.. many thanx for letting ur wife spent her times wif me.. hehe.. she was really great!.. oh n the baby too.. kekeke..

To the "hantaran members" that worked hard to finish off everything the night before the Solemnisation- esp to nana, wati, my sis, nunoi, adeey, ejah adik... thank you very much. To my two brothers.. thanks for usai d pelamin n getting d gangsa2

To Wati.. thanks for helping me in every ways... from buying stuffs for the hantarans, checking out invitation cards, printing the guest lists... to finding d

To our families & friends yg terlampau byk utk di sebut nama2nya... u guys know who u are.. thank you for d greetings & prayers for us all this while

To Mr hubby... thank you for your love & supports :D

So i will leave the post with some of d pixes from the Nikah day

Btw... Sanding Day will be on the 21st DECEMBER 2008... do come :)

Monday, 8 December 2008


Hey peeps.. its been a while since my last post huhu.. anyway juz a quickie...

we juz had our dinner at KTM in jerudong. its my first official dinner with the in-laws huhu..

father & mother in laws

bro & sis in laws

mr & mrs emilo

bro in law & the missus

the drinkies

acar as starters


mango fishy

corn soup wif crabby stix

freshy fish

okei that's all folks!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Prewedding shoots

We had our prewedding shoots earlier this month... it was done at Masamichi Studio.. it took us 4 hrs to finish the shooting... batah kan? awu i know!!!... we were tired by the end of it.. but we really enjoy it and had lots of fun.. it was an exciting experience. Kami perasan sekajap mcm artists.. wawawa... kana make-up kan.. with different hairdo and clothings... siuk kali aaahhh... Many thanks to Wati @ Saren for helping us out during the prewedding shoot, especially getting the Kimono and putting it on me... kekeke... that itself was a challenge!.. Seriously.. wearing Kimono is pretty difficult and need a lot of patience and times... hehehe..

We also had a prewedding shoot outdoor with Mizi.. but the pictures are not ready yet...

For now, here are few of the pictures from the studio...

Btw.. the Nikah day is only a week away... Mr E14 has been practising the ijap kabul part... steady dah ya... hopefully he'll be able to say it as well during the day... haha.. no pressure sayang.... nyway it still hasn't sink in me yet that we're gonna be officially tying the knot... hehehe.. kabak2 rasa nya... anyway.. do pray for us.. hopefully everything will go smoothly and as planned... amin... :D to our families and closest friends... we'll see u at our Nikah day soon.. ahakss... till then... take care :)

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR E14 (20th Nov 2008)

I know its kinda late for ur bday wish in the blog.... been bz doing this n that... including arranging a surprise but 'not so surprise' bday dinner 4 u.. hehehe.. thanx to our frens who celebrated E14's bday wif us....

Here goes another song for u Mr B....,

~happy birthday to u....~
~happy birthday to u....~
~happy birthday to E14..~
~happy birthday to u....~

Happy Bday fiance... Semoga Panjang Umur, Murah Rezeki and Sehat2 Selalu... The 'W day' is coming fairly soon... so b doakan semoga everything will go smoothly.. yg penting is to enjoy the day and semoga kita kekal together hingga akhir hayat.... Amin :D

Love U now & 4eva,
Missy E13

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Arsenal v Man Utd

oh yesh yesh.. this result is d masuk is dalam d webbie huhuhu

Arsenal 2-1 Man Utd!

Monday, 27 October 2008


Congratulations to my cuzn:

Haji Khairol Azmie bin Hj Kahar

on his engagement with

Hajah Siti Fariza bte Haji Bakir

on 26th October 2008 at his residence in Kampong Kiarong

Friday, 24 October 2008

BaCk @ HoMe SwEeT HoMe

hey peeps..

I didnt realised its already the 24th of october 2008 and I've now been in Brunei exactly one month and one day since I came back from the UK. It feels soooooo good to be back home especially with all the companies around me and d fiancee right by my side :D
There's a lot to do here and i'm now back to my usual sporting activites after filling my tummies during the open houses... i've played futsal a cupla times now and it feels good to be back on the pitch.. err i mean court... i'm now craving for outdoor football..

i guess the only thing i wud miss about the uk is their broadband. Life is much much much and much more much easier with their super duper quick broadband. I've subscribed to the "Go" Broadband recently and so far its good. But i guess i'm too accustomed (sp?) to Uk's broadband and that's why its a 'good' rating rather than an excellent one. Go, i think, is much quicker than the "wave" and also better than espeed... i dunno comparing it with "zoom" tho, coz i havent tried one. But there's still much much improvement needed from Go... i want it to be quicker please.... huhu... thank you!

anyway, nanti gi sambung.. sorry no pixies! take care and good luck my arsenal huhu

p/s: to those yg sudi meluangkan masa beraya @ my house.. a big thanx to all of you! gracias! and i guess its not too late to say selamat hari raya to those who i've not met and greet :)

Monday, 20 October 2008

PiXies piXies

Hey peeps...

havent checked in for a while yatah nda bnyk updates.. didnt have the internet connexion (err.. alasan huhu)...

anyways, juz wanna share sum pixies ber raya-ing this year...

@ rumah nini girl

multi-coloured malay style clothes (cara melayu lerr)

the KYFC

~berlalulah sudah ramadhan~

~candid pose~

@ the fiancee's friend house

@ Dzul's house

caught eatin

cHL sungkaing


Wednesday, 15 October 2008


hello guys...

We wanna wish u guys out there SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN.... hope u guys had a wonderful ramadhan and enjoying a great EID celebration :)

It has been ages since we've updated the blog.. we've been very busy with d hari raya.. This year's raya is exhausting...but an exciting one.. sal nyaaa..... d fiance is back home and celebrating hari raya wif me!.. yeay!.. last year he missed the raya in Brunei.. so this year beraya sakan lah yaaa... hehe..

nyway... just a short update this time... the next post will be up soon..wif lots of pictures.... keep waiting ;p

Enjoy ur raya everyone!...

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Marseille v Liverpool

Kiev v Arsenal

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Liverpool v Manchester

Arsenal Match #4

Blackburn Rovers 0-4 Arsenal... enjoy!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

England GoALs!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

WeLcOMe bAcK EnGLaNd!

Welcome back England!

They played beautiful football today.. main stangah padang huhuhu.. croatia were beaten 4-1 at their own home soil. Goals courtesy a hattrick (3 goals) from Arsenal teenage Theo Walcott and the other scored by Man Utd striker Wayne Rooney..

We have been waiting for their beautiful football since Sven Goran Eriksson dissapointing campaign, and not to mention McClaren's reign...

They have won twice now... against Andorra and now Croatia.. They now top the group, sharing six points with Ukraine...

Hope their performance continues like this and they can certainly go all the way for the 2010 world cup!

~England till I die~ England till I die~


~Come on England! ~ Come on England!~

LeNd a HeLpiNg HaNd

Lend a HeLpiNg HaNd:-

How wud u feel if you dun have sumthin to eat?

How wud u feel if u cant eat not because you didnt want to but just because you cant afford to...

Can you study/work without breakfast and lunch?

Worst still... can you bear to live without the love of a mother or a father? Someone to teach you and discipline yourself?

I feel sorry and pity for them.. Lend them a helping hand.. give them rice.. biscuits.. nasi katok.. clothes.. a bottle of water... whatever u can.. little things help...

What i'm talkin about? Catch it here and here...

uP 4 a SwiM?

Hey peeps..

Sorry haven't checked-in on the blog for a while. Nada mood to write before.. Anywayz, I went to d city centre (d York ler) a couple of days ago.. nda ku ingat bila and as I was walkin from home to the walkway by the river next to my house I heard a gushing sound "whoossshh" kira catu lah bunyinya... and as I approached the walkway by the river, i saw the flood! wah banjir and the water is the laju and is the mengalir deras..

so aku pun patah balik lalu longway to the city becoz of d flood. Then dah dakat city, lots of ppl was 'sakai' about d flood.. I heard them saying "its one of the worst flood in York history" and also walkin past another guy talkin on d fone sayin "it's juz bizarre".. and dalam hati ku sakai jua eh dorg ani nda pernah liat banjir pakah.. hehe coz its probably jadi kebiasaan dah dangar banjir d Brunei.

Approaching closer to the city I saw this thingy: --- sandbags!

sandbags to hold off the water from gushing to the city

the water level rises so high that it flooded the walkway all the way to the city

I'm actually quite amazed that the sandbags in the sack (sp?) or the guni along with the canvas can block the water. Its acting like a brick wall that prevent the water gushing into the city.. and by now i also join the other crowd and become 'sakai' jua he he he... so i continued my journey to the city, stopping by and takin some pixes to share with u all..

at the pix above, this area are suppose to be goin downhill but now it looks like a flat land coz of d rising water.. as you can see the bottom left corner of the pix, the grey and dry area are where i'm standing taking d pix. thankfully its the autumn season now, otherwise there cud be some sort of mosquitoes breeding or plague.. the mosquitoes didnt haf a winter jacket so they cant survive the cold river huhu..

then i saw the crowd at the bridge... towards the end on the left...
I joined in the crowd and took some pixes...

on the left is the ruler that shows the water rises around 9 feet or 9 metres i'm not sure.. but its definitely deep
and the frame that u see on the right which is mostly submerged, is a huge picture frame on the wall.. i wonder how it'll look like after the flood subsided ...

city submerged under water.. most of the shop here are those selling alcohols by the river and on the top left is a restauran the slug and lettuce

this is an underground basement parking submerged underwater.. i went down and swim while taking the photos...

and this is a photo of a porsche yg kana tarik dari paking basement tadi..

on the windshield of the porsche it says "Just Removed From Merchant Exchange (Flood); Will be Removed This Evening. Thanks"

and there were also public houses or rather apartments inaccessible by road.. u can see a (rescue?) van at the far end of the pix below...

and that includes the hotel entrance as well hehe...

some short videos can be found below... anyone up for a swim?

well... that's my adventure once upon a time in the York city centre... what's your adventure?